Program Philosophy


HRRA is:

  • A community-based club that is focused on rowing.
  • Open to anyone (12 years old or older) who pays membership and program fees.
  • A cohesive organization that accommodates its different types of members – men, women, juniors, open, masters, experienced, novice – within the context of a single unified program.
  • Committed in equal measure to “Advanced,” “Intermediate” “Recreational” and “Novice” rowers.
  • Committed to coaching, training and developing the skills of all active rowers.
  • Committed to providing racing opportunities to all interested rowers who seek them.
  • Committed to training and developing coaches for HRRA and scholastic rowing programs.
  • Committed to providing cross-training opportunities for our members to maintain a minimum level of fitness and skills in order to actively participate in any HRRA rowing program.
  • Interested in providing social activities as an important, but secondary, aspect of the club.
  • Dedicated to helping support the HRRA Community Boathouse through every day management, fundraising, event assistance and other activities.
  • Dedicated to supporting and promoting the success of the scholastic rowing community.
  • Dedicated to being an active and integral part of the greater Hudson Valley community.
Adult Program
Juniors Program
U23 Program
Scullling Program
Novice Program


OUR SCULLING PROGRAM is designed to offer the experience of rowing in small boats such as singles, doubles, pairs and quads. This is great for rowers who want to row in college, rowers home from college and those who want to test out single and double sculls. Training in sculling boats helps build balance, boatmanship, fitness and greater awareness of boat speed.

Through this program, scullers will be certified to row in small boats. Once certified, scullers can join our Unsupervised Sculling Program to use small boats during open boathouse hours and/or rent rack space for their own boats. Racing opportunities are available for scullers with permission from our Sculling Director.


OUR JUNIOR PROGRAM is designed to address three philosophies:

  1. By creating composite teams, we can match the best athletes from varied programs and put together top-rated teams that represent the best the Hudson Valley has to offer.
  2. Melding traditional rivals during the scholastic season into composite boats, we create a sense of regional rowing pride.
  3. Providing extensive access to expanded coaching ideas and experiences makes our regional scholastic teams stronger and prepares them for collegiate-level success.

We address each of these philosophies with our novice team for new rowers, skill building and water time for intermediate athletes and intensive training and technique work for advanced rowers. Each HRRA athlete shares their experience with teammates and coaches of other teams and creates new experiences to take back to his or her scholastic team, tightening those connections and helping to create our rowing community.


OUR U23 RACING PROGRAM is for recruited HS Seniors who age out of U19, and collegiate rowers looking to improve their skill and fitness. We will race at regional regattas and continue to prepare for advanced levels of the sport.


OUR MASTERS PROGRAM has a goal that is threefold: expand access to a variety of rowing experiences, create strong racing teams and create pride in our rowing community. We have been working successfully towards these goals since 1998. Some members of our team have been rowing together for more than 20 years. To keep our adult athletes engaged and progressing, we provide a variety of programs to accommodate varied skill levels and goals.

In addition to providing the most extensive and thorough novice curriculum for adults within the region, we offer an Adult Recreational Team that remains flexible to life’s demands while still providing skill building and fitness. Our Adult Racing Team is focused on racing and becoming competitive on a wider scale, but coaches and teammates also retain the flexibility needed to help each other maintain their personal lives along with the rigors of training. Social activities and common practice sessions help maintain a connection between the adult teams, creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all levels of adult rowers.

Free Intro to Rowing Workshops

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In order to hire coaches, acquire appropriate equipment, attend numerous races and support our community activities HRRA has to charge program and membership fees. We try to keep these fees as low as possible, applying for grants and holding fundraisers to acquire equipment. Our program fees work out to less than $5 per hour yet our programs provide the most extensive access to training, coaching, equipment and racing in the Hudson Valley region, making our programs a great value for the money and an invaluable resource for any regional rower.


The strength of our rowing philosophies and the community we have created enables HRRA to go beyond providing rowing programs for our members and to use our wonderful rowing resources to give back to our community. We have been able to provide rowing programs for physically handicapped athletes and for women recovering from cancer, we are able to introduce the sport and the benefits of physical activity to elementary and middle school kids, we are able to foster an appreciation of our natural resources by providing the man power to clean up 3/4 tons of garbage from the Hudson River and we are able to build a Community Boathouse for everyone! In the end, working together we can achieve more than any of us can by working alone and the results of providing programs and events to support these program philosophies benefits everyone – creating a tightly woven, reciprocal rowing community that produces well rounded, talented and generous athletes within all of the local rowing programs! Please join us in creating a growing legacy of Community Rowing on the Hudson! Further details for each program can be found by visiting the following webpages:

All Forms and Documents

All athletes must have a Basic USRowing Membership ($25) and an online waiver completed.  If you have already paid the membership under a different club name you must log in to the USRowing portal and add Hudson River Rowing Association to your club affiliations by the first day of practice. 

  • The HRRA code is H9RR4 and the online waiver link is HERE.

HRRA Program and race fees do not include uniform, hotel, traveling expenses, or USRowing membership (when applicable). Athletes are responsible for these additional expenses.  HRRA does not provide adult chaperones for unaccompanied minors.  

SafeSport Requirements for Adult Participants

Effective immediately, all USRowing Relevant Adult Participants are required to take the 90-minute SafeSport Trained course. 30-minute Refresher courses are available as parts of this series after the initial training has been completed. Any member who is not defined as a Relevant Adult Participant (read more), is not required to complete any form of SafeSport training. 

Program Philosophy

HRRA recognizes that rowing is a life long sport that takes many years to master and we believe that access to experienced and competent coaching will ensure that athletes in our all of our programs will continually learn and progress. HRRA was founded by the local coaches and we continue to attract experienced coaches from regional scholastic and collegiate crew teams to help our athletes meet their goals. HRRA uses a progressive system for its programs, grouping athletes with similar skills and goals in teams together. We provide novice, intermediate and competitive teams in both sweep and sculling.


  1. HRRA will provide rowing opportunities to individuals without regard to gender, race, religion, age or scholastic affiliation.
  2. HRRA will encourage and promote continuous improvement and development of all athletes regardless of skill level.    
  3. HRRA will offer a variety of rowing teams and opportunities to serve its members, that may include, but are not limited to:  novice, recreational, intermediate, advanced sweep teams and sculling.   
  4. HRRA competitive teams will train for and attend nationally recognized regattas and events to expose our membership to elite level rowing, to promote long term athlete development as a team and as individuals and to expose the national rowing community to the talents of the Hudson Valley.  
  5. HRRA will endeavor to hire and train coaches for all of our programs and promote continuous improvement of regional coaching through education and training programs.  
  6. HRRA will endeavor to operate programs in the safest manner possible by establishing and following safety rules as recognized by the law, our governing body and by the Hudson Valley coaching community.