Adult Program

HRRA Adult Program

Our goal for our adult teams is threefold: to create strong racing teams, to create pride in our rowing community, and to expand access to a variety of rowing experiences.  We have been working successfully towards those goals since 1998.  In some cases, members of our teams have been rowing together for all of those 20 years, and to keep our adult athletes engaged and progressing, we provide a variety of programs to accommodate varied skill levels and goals.

In addition to providing the most extensive and thorough learn-to-row curriculum for adults within the region, we provide an Adult Recreational Team that remains flexible to life’s demands while still providing skill building and fitness. Our Adult Racing Team is focused on racing and becoming competitive on a wider scale, but coaches and teammates also retain the flexibility needed to help each other maintain their personal lives along with the rigors of training. Social activities and common practice sessions help maintain a connection between the adult teams, creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all levels of adult rowers.

Masters Spring Tune-Up:

Masters Tune-Up is focused on general fitness and skill building. The tune-up is appropriate for both recreational and racing rowers. 
PREREQUISITE – completion of Recreational or Racing program, or by permission of the coach.

Dates: Saturday, April 1st – Sunday, June 2nd

Practice Time: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30–7:30pm, Saturday 7–9:00am

Rower Fees:

  • One day per week – $150 — REGISTER
  • Two days per week – $240* — REGISTER
  • Three days per week – $300* — REGISTER

Coxswain Fee: Three days per week – $0 — REGISTER

Coach: Michele Hyland and Mark Dinges

Participants are invited to attend:
* Miles of Hope Regatta – Poughkeepsie, NY – Sunday, June 2nd
* There is an additional $10 (per event) donation to Miles of Hope Regatta if you choose to race.

All athletes must have a Basic USRowing Membership ($25.00) and an online waiver completed.  If you have already paid the membership under a different club name you must log in to the USRowing portal and add Hudson River Rowing Association to your club affiliations by the first day of practice. 

  • The HRRA code is H9RR4 and the online waiver link is HERE.

HRRA Program and race fees do not include uniform, hotel, traveling expenses, or USRowing membership (when applicable). Athletes are responsible for these additional expenses.  HRRA does not provide adult chaperones for unaccompanied minors.  

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