Ergathon 2021

Our first annual HRRA Ergathon was a great success!

Thanks to everyone who participated in and donated to the first annual HRRA Ergathon.  

The 31 athletes erged 4,241,786 meters in just 4 weeks. Most successfully erged 100k. Some reached 200k and earned their C2 Holiday Challenge pin.  Amazingly, a few erged over 300k and even 400k!  (Click here to see the details.)

Together, we raised $3,800.  The generous donations will help HRRA replace aging and broken equipment.  The donations will also help make rowing more affordable for the participating athletes, as a percentage of the donations will be applied to their rowing fees next year.  

Now to announce the winners of the various challenges. (Thanks to Trish Ramos for making the beautiful prizes – the Ergathon mugs and keychains!!)

  • Erged the most by end week 1: Junior – Isabella Rivera, Master – Joseph O’Connell
  • First to reach 50k: Junior – Isabella Rivera, Master – Joseph O’Connell
  • First to reach 100k: Junior – tie between Isabella Rivera and Mack Carr, Master – Joseph O’Connell
  • First to reach 200k: Master – Joseph O’Connell
  • Most meters by end of Ergathon: Junior – Nate Bingham (180,094 meters), Master – Steve Ruehle (443,194 meters)
  • Raised the most by end week 1, week 2 and overall: Junior – Mateo Torres, Master – Michelle LaVopa
We look forward to seeing everyone at the boathouse soon.  In the meantime, Happy New Year!