Junior Pre-Winter Training 2021

We’ll be participating in the HRRA 1st Annual Ergathon, which coincides with the 2021 Concept2 Holiday Challenge.
Our Junior athletes will receive focused erg, weight, and tank coaching reinforcing proper biomechanics and technique that will help them get the most of the regular winter training session. Junior athletes will be focusing on training to do a 6k on December 24th which will help to set up training splits for the upcoming Winter Training Program.

Dates: Friday, November 26th to Friday, December 24th

Practice time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4-6pm, Saturdays 7-9am

Fees: $35 – Register here (No cost for coxswains! but they must also register)


  • Kevin Piotti
  • Matt Rignanese
  • Josh Stratton