Poughkeepsie Regatta

Poughkeepsie Regatta

Thanks for joining us for the 2023 Poughkeepsie Regatta

Saturday, September 30

Congratulations to the 66 entries, 12 clubs who participated in the Poughkeepsie Regatta – 2023 

Weather Conditions: 56 Degrees, North wind 6 – 8 mph, Low Tide 8:11 AM

Water was choppy with larger waves forming around 9 AM when the current switched from ebb to flood. Subsequently, the course was shortened from 3 miles (4800 M) to 2 miles (3200 M).


Congratulations to the 75 entries, 12 clubs who participated in the Poughkeepsie Regatta – 2022


Congratulations to the 40 entries, 9 clubs who participated in the Poughkeepsie Regatta – 2021



This regatta is named after the historic Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Regatta (1895 – 1949). The new Poughkeepsie Regatta will be held on a section of the historic course used by the top collegiate crews for their national championship races.

Crews from Pelham to Albany will convene at the Hudson River Rowing Association Community Boathouse to compete in Junior, Collegiate and Masters events. Boats racing will include singles (1 person), doubles (2 person), quads (4 person), fours (4 person with a coxswain) and eights (8 person with a coxswain).

If you or your rowing team is interested in competing, go to Regatta Central to register.


This race will be held on the 3-Mile “JV” stretch of the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, NY, which was used for more than 50 years of the old IRA/Poughkeepsie Regatta from 1895 to 1949. Due to the long stretch of the Hudson River it is raced on, there are a number of spectating opportunities available along nearly the entire length of the course.  The Northern-most is at Quiet Cove Riverfront Park (1,300m),  Upper Landing Park (4,100m), Victor C. Wayras Park (4,500m) and Kaal Rock Park (Finish Line) or view the entire race course from the Walkway Over the Hudson (4,100m)! Don’t miss your chance to experience the autumn beauty of the Hudson Valley while being the first crews in nearly a decade to compete on the same course of “Boys in the Boat” fame!

Spectators: Below is a map of the last 1,000 meters of the course, parks, and parking.

Info for Participants

Novice Racers:  Below is a map for the 2,000 meter novice race:

Coxswains and Singles: Please be aware of the correct path to take through the bridges.